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A Tribute to ML Donatelli

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

It's been nearly a year since the passing of Augie Donatelli's wife; the late Marylouise Eymar Lamont Donatelli, who passed away on February 28th, 2021. She survived her husband, Augie, for three decades after a loving marriage that lasted 44 years. ML passed away in Gulfport, Florida at the age of 96. "ML" as she was lovingly called was a coal miner's daughter. Actually her dad, William Lamont was Augie's boss when he started out as a coal miner back in the 1930s.

. ML raised a family of four, including sons Patrick and David and daughter's Carol and the late Barbara Kulick. She chided the attendees of this particular dinner gathering back in 2020. She had the pleasure of meeting scores of baseball celebrities over the years and even a few entertainers, including Frank Sinatra, who once offered her a "nice kiss." Mary's quote from her High School Yearbook read: "Mary Eymar Lamont Donatelli, everyone's friend. She and her little blue Ford live in a happy-go-lucky world of Fun and Frolic.

It's clear she left a lasting impression on many during her long and wonderful life. God bless you Mary. You're safe at home.

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