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"I enjoyed the book greatly.  The author got it right.  Augie was a man of courage."

     -Jerry Crawford, NL Umpire 35   Years

"Augie was one of the best all around umpires.  He was great on the bases and also behind the plate.  You'd have to rank him as one of the great umpires."

     -Andy Olsen, NL Umpire 13 Years

"In umpiring circles, Donatelli is a legend - this is a terrific book for baseball fans and umpires."

     -Rich Garcia, Umpire 25 years

"Augie, by John Bacchia, pays tribute to one of the finest umpires to call balls and strikes....  The passion, the love of the game, and the great stories are all here.  Read Augie, and you'll be safe at home."

         -Peter Golenbock, author of five NY Times best sellers

Interview with the Author: "AUGIE"

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